Robotu Skola is a community where robotics enthusiasts get together, build robots together and organize tournaments in Latvia as well as participate in international championships. By organizing workshops and transferring knowledge and skills to others we communicate robot construction as an interesting and useful occupation in every age.

Robotu Skola is supporting and cooperating with educational institutions, robotics clubs, robot and component manufacturers, mechanics, electronics and programming specialists, robotics enthusiasts and organizers from all around the world.

Building of the competition robots is a knowledge, skill and exciting experience exchange based educational method in robotics. Comparison and verification of the completed ideas is a key element which allows to test the realized ideas in real life, for example, competitions. For many decades this educational method is successfully used in Japan and the last 14 years also in Latvia. It is easy to learn how to build competition robot, and under a guidance of an experienced teacher it’ s a matter of weeks even if you have no previous experience in robotics. It is useful to start by building simpler robots for the competition and more sophisticated robots with time. Mastering the basics of the competition robot construction, it is possible to invent and build a wide range of robots for household and other practical needs. Robotu Skola supports and implements both the competition and every-day robot design and construction. We are happy to engage in various arts and education projects, where our skills and knowledge are useful.