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This year for the first time in Jelgava, during the innovation and engineering festival “Mehatrons” the Robotics Championships will be organized. The event will be held in the open air concert hall “Mītava” on the Pasta Island in the middle of the city, between two rivers, and it will be the first stage for the season 13th.

We are inviting you to participate!

More detailed information about the competition, rules, program, results and other useful info can be found in the website

The aim for this championship is to involve kids and youth in information technologies, engineering sciences and robotics – areas which are one of most rapidly growing in the entire world.


Event is organized for everyone who is interested in technologies – participants of free time hobby classes, robotic enthusiasts as well as members of robotic clubs. All participants will be divided in three age categories:

1) Pupils from 1st till 5th grade

2) Pupils from 6th tlii 12th grade

3) Students and amateurs

In some disciplines there will be only one group without division in age groups. If some groups will have insufficient participant list, competition will be held in mixed age categories.

More detailed division in age groups and disciplines will be announced on September 5. Agenda and results will be published in championship’s webpage.


Disciplines of the championship is divided in two main categories – LEGO robotics and electronics robots.

LEGO group (Mindstorms NXT2.0 un EVE 3.0):

LEGO Folkrace
LEGO Line following
LEGO Line labyrinth

Electronics group:

Line following
Line following PRO (with turbines)
iRobot Sumo
Line labyrinth
MAKEblock challenge

Participating in the event is free of charge, and there are no limitations for the amount of robots registered, team member amount or age.

Registration is open till September 4, 23:59. The organizers invite everyone to register in a timely manner and not delay it till the very last moment. This will allow our team to plan competition agenda and timetables.

During the event you might be photographed or filmed. By registering you agree that you are not against it and the pictures or videos taken can be used for publicity purposes.

Participants must take their own extension cords.

Participants will have access to exclusive preparation zone available only for teams.

Minisumo and iRobot sumo team members must have gloves and robot must be equipped with blade protectors every time it is not used in competition.

In case you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and contact organizers:!

See you in Jelgava!