Robot construction enthusiasts from all around the Baltic States States showed their skills and noteworthy robots in Latvia Robotics championship. The purpose of this event is to encourage children and youth to establish interest in engineering and robotics. Robot construction enthusiasts from Latvia have participated and won such prestigious robotics competitions as Robotex in Estonia, RobotChallenge in Austria, RoboGames in the US and International Robot Sumo Tournament in Japan showing global competitiveness.

Disciplines of the championship:

  • Linefollower. The robot has to finish the given track as fast and precise as possible. The track is a black line on a white area.
  • Mini Sumo. Despite being the smallest robots in the championship, they possess extreme agility and speed.
  • Lego Sumo. Robots participating in this category are able to surprise with their universal usage.
  • iRobot Sumo. Vacuum cleaning robots creatively transformed into fight robots.
  • Mega Sumo. The most serious and audience engaging category, known by its aggressive fighting style.
  • Freestyle. The category gives an opportunity to demonstrate individual achievements in robotics to a broader audience.
  • Folkrace. The robots are competing in an obstacle track where only the most skillful and capable robots are able to finish.